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Day two and three of IBC were spent at Spaces, close to the RAI. We were there for the FCPX Tour event. If you didn't go, you missed one of the most important FCPX events to happen this year.

With only a month or so notice, Ronny Courtens and Nouche did an amazing job of putting on a two day event close to IBC - just for people interested in Final Cut Pro X. We also attended last year's similar event, but this time the team including Sam Mestman, Jesús Pérez-Miranda and Soho Editors took it to a new level.

Before you hit the comments, all the demos & presentations were recorded and will be published right here on FCP.co over the next few weeks. Apple did not do a presentation.


So what did you miss? 

A unique collection of user stories and demos from some of the best 'FCPX brains' in the business. 

duncan shepherd fcpx 360 vr

Duncan Shepherd talking 360 editing on FCPX


The highlights ranged from Duncan Shepherd and Paul McCartney VR, a documentary series shot on 15 iPhones and edited in FCPX, Europe's largest feature film of 2017 being cut on FCPX, Coremelt announcing a new plugin NoiseX and a very cool demo showing instant project sharing in Resolve. (Yes there are other NLEs out there!)

Benjamin-Mercer- fcpx

Benjamin Mercer talking about the feature film 'The Unkown Soldier"


Each presentation was of a very high quality, rammed with good information and tips. Numbers in the audience were good too, even at the end on Sunday and for some demos, it was standing room only!

Outside of the presentation area there were workstations set up demoing shared storage (Note the ad- mention FCP.co and you will get 10% off any Lumaforge product!) 360 production with Alex Gollner and his inflatable world, Greg and Philip from Intelligent Assistance and more.

I'm sure everybody will agree that Ronny and his team need a huge thank you for putting this event together. If you missed it, you missed out. Make sure you put a note in your diary to attend next year, you will not regret it.

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