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The FCPX Tour@IBC Videos part 6: Sam Mestman (USA) and Rory Cantwell (UK) - FCPX to Resolve

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In this penultimate posting of the videos from the recent FCPX Tour at IBC, Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve is featured. Sam Mestman show best practices for getting FCPX projects into Resolve and Rory Cantwell demos Resolve's real-time collaboration tools. 


Best practices for moving an FCP X project to Resolve - Sam Mestman - 22'

Although you can perfectly grade any project right within FCP X now, there may be circumstances where you will still need the more advanced toolset of a dedicated grading application like Resolve. Sending an FCP X project to Resolve is pretty straightforward, but not without some pitfalls. In this video, Sam Westman explains the most frequent “gotchas” in this process, and how you can avoid them.


Collaborating in Resolve - Rory Cantwell - 19’

Since version 11, Resolve has been getting some improved editing functionality. It also has an excellent collaboration feature that allows one editor to collaborate with one or more colorists on the same timeline at the same time. This is perfect for making last-minute changes to your FCP X project in Resolve while it is still being graded.

We were quite impressed with this way of collaborating. But we have to point out that it is limited to one editing station, it only works with the paid version of Resolve (1000$) and you need to set up a PostgreSQL database before you can use this functionality. And of course you need to have a fast shared storage system. So don’t expect this to work out of the box. Nevertheless, it gives us a good idea of how real project collaboration could be in FCP X once Apple or a third-party developer set their minds on it.


The last two videos coming very soon!



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