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fcpx VUG 8

With the launch of the recent update of FCPX to 10.3, there is a lot to talk about. The roundtable discussion returns and there's a little surprise in there too.

The update of Final Cut Pro to 10.3 has got the thumbs up from the industry. But what do the regular VUG team think about it?

We replay the 8th FCPX Virtual User Group with Sam Mestman, Mike Matzdorff, Mark Spencer, Steve Martin and of course the host Alex Lindsay.

On the last night of the FCPX Summit, a few editors & product developers made a discovery in a mall car park in Stanford, California. It was dark and wet, but there was a huddle around Mike Matzdorff's laptop. You'll have to find out what it was in the VUG!

 We also lost a bet, as you will find out...




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