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Clickbait headline? We don't think so. This video neatly wraps up in a short, well put package why FCPX has become a superior non-linear editor compared to the traditional track based systems. Essential viewing, for your un-enlightened colleagues and friends.

Sven Pape very kindly sent us the link to his YouTube video, if he sounds familiar, you would be right. We have posted extracts from his YouTube channel 'This Guy Edits' on FCP.co before.

His new video brings the NLE debate right up to date. So up to date that it goes over the exactly same content in exactly the same way were currently constructing in an article!

Sven has saved us from completing it and, after watching, we think he's done a better job too.

So, enjoy the video and please share it where you can- there is still a lot of misinformation out there about Final Cut Pro X.

But, the tide has turned and we are sure this will help bring more curious editors back to FCP.






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