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There are many new plugins out there for Final Cut Pro X, but this one deserves special attention. New from Yanobox is Mosaic, a set of plugins thatcreate a wide range of effects based on real time pixel texturing and adaptive tiling. It also has to have one of the most awesome plugin demo videos of the year, make sure you watch it!


Plugin developer Jean Marc Noel doesn't release new products very often, but when he does, they are in a completely different class to what's out there already.

You might know Jean Marc's previous products such as Nodes and Motype and his new plugin called Mosaic is again launched under his Yanobox brand.

Priced at $299, Mosaic is one of those effects that is much easier to watch in action rather than describe what it does: 


We were very keen to find out more about Mosaic from Jean Marc:


'Mosaic is a stylisation filter that uses an adaptive tiling algorithm to slice the image according to its luminance, contrast and density.

Adaptive Tiling means the tiles, or slices are not uniform but they change their size to match the details of the image.

Mosaic takes samples from a custom or procedural Texture Atlas (a simple grid made up of 16x16 (max) graphics, images, text or video loops), sorts these samples by luminance and uses them to remap the original footage.

The original footage can be any video or image, but it will also work very well when you use fractal noise, gradients or a luminance map.

Various parameters let you control the tiling, the distribution of the textures, and morph the mosaic to a a growing animation. As the Texture Atlas' resolution is independent of the original footage size, Mosaic provides a 3D transform module with scale, position and rotation and lets you zoom into the result to create close-ups. In After Effects, you can use the native 3D Space and camera to fly into the tiles.

One cool feature is the possibility to mask the original image and apply Mosaic to an adjustment layer to localize the effects and produce interesting graphics without cropping the tiles.  In fact the tiles stay consistent and become beautifully recursive at the border of the masks.

A wireframe module is included to enhance the cells with sharp borders, triangulations, crosses and grid overlays or to transform the footage into wireframe patterns.

Mosaic offers 3 Material Modes
- ASCII to paint footage with characters of your choice.
- Graphic, with a selection of ready to use textures
- Custom Texture to import your own motifs

You can preview and change colors of the background and foreground textures (supports alpha channel) on the fly or tint the cells from the original footage color.

The possibilities of Mosaic are extremely vast, from simply styling your footage to very advanced motion graphics. Our last product Nodes ended up being used in lots of exciting ways, including many Hollywood productions.  I’m excited to see what users come up with when they get their hands on Mosaic!

Mosaic has been development for years and we’re very excited to finally release it.'



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