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Apple has announced a special event next Tuesday entitled 'One More Thing'. Will we see a range of new silicon Macs? Will we see a new version of Final Cut Pro X?

We know that there is a presentation by Apple at the upcoming FCPX Global Virtual Summit. What we didn't know though was that Apple has also announced a special event for next week, Tuesday November 10th at 10:00am PST.

This has got us thinking, what are we going to see?

Top of the list has to be new Macs. In previous presentations it has been mentioned that new Apple silicon Macs would be released by the end of the year. Which models will be first? Our bet is on laptops and possibly a Mac Mini refresh.

This would also be the perfect time to release the next macOS, Big Sur.  

Could we see the next version of Final Cut Pro X? It would make the perfect speed benchmark test to compare Intel/Apple silicon machines. It would also tee up the Summit rather nicely.

No link at the moment, but we will post one when we can.

We will be watching with interest!


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