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Actually we are going to take a further look back with a webpage of every FCP version. This video from 2003 has some very interesting facts, figures and faces from 2003 to start it all off.

We thought we would start off with this video from MacVideo that first aired at NAB 2003. We were there at the SuperMeet when about a hundred people showed up. How things have changed, the last SuperMeet had 1700 editors getting a first look at FCPX!

Take a look at this video though from about 3'33 onwards. How many of the comments still hold true today?  


michael_wohl_fcp_smallFCP goes back a few years before 2003, we all know that it started off long before its first release in 1999.

Text wise, the best description of its birth can be found in the history section in Wikipedia.

We prefer the two video interviews with Michael Wohl (shown left) that not only describe FCP's beginnings, but also go on to tell how Bruce the Yak became a very famous Easter egg within the program.

(Video 1)  (Video 2)

Sorry we can't embed those for you but the author has toggled that feature off :(

Wouldn't it be really cool if you could look at all of Apple's Final Cut Pages through time? Well you can thanks to the Wayback Machine archive. Enjoy watching your favourite editing program's evolution!

Final Cut Pro (April 1999)

Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 (November 2000)

Final Cut Pro 2.0 (April 2001)

Final Cut Pro 3.0 (December 2002)

Final Cut Pro 4.0 (April 2003)

Final Cut Pro HD (April 2004)  4.5

Final Cut Pro 5 (April 2005)

Final Cut Pro 6 (April 2007) Final Cut Studio 2

Final Cut Pro 7 (July 2009) Unofficially Final Cut Studio 3

Thank you to Simon Kirkby for doing the early years research.


One of the contributors in the 2003 video, Michael Vitti sadly died on the first day of NAB 2009.

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