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Do you have Motion templates that you want to sell or maybe you want to buy some? Do you want to buy or sell stock footage? The new Stockeon marketplace might be the place to go.

The stock footage marketplace is a tough one, we get emails from companies giving away footage on an almost daily basis. There are very large existing libraries who have bought up competitors overnight and there are huge libraries that will accept anything anybody uploads. 

We think a good library comes down to two main things, quality and cost. So we were interested to see the launch of Stockeon from Szymon Masiak and his team who run the template and plugin company MotionVFX.

The stock library is based on the idea of contributors having total control in uploading and the management of their files, they can also set the price of items as well. That's about it, then Stockeon pays out 55% commission on all products sold.

At the moment, Stockeon is accepting and selling Apple Motion templates, Adobe After Effects templates, stock video footage and music & sound effects.

Szymon explains:

'If you are an artist producing either stock video, templates or music, now you can contribute to the world of digital design, editing and filmmaking - all creative minds are invited to sell their stock footage, templates and music at Stockeon. Contributors have total control of their files. They set the price and manage them at will - everything under a non-exclusive licensing program.'

Good to see contributors not getting locked into a long exclusive licence period. This business is moving so fast and with digital distribution, new opportunities are opening up every day.

Szymon is pretty bullish about Stockeon's growth.

'Stockeon expects to be in the top 5 stock footage marketplaces in a year. It is open to everyone now.'



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