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New plugin developer Lawn Road has just released two plugins designed especially for FCPX. Color Precision is a colour corrector and Fast Mask is a masking tool.

Will the FCPX ecosystem ever stop expanding? New to the market is Lawn Road, a New Zealand based developer and they have just released two new FCPX plugins.

First is Color Precision a $49 set of ten plugins (there is no price on the website), well five really that are presented as both effects and titles in the pack. The plugin does duplicate a lot of the FCPX built in functionality, but if you don't like the Color Board then maybe this is for you.

  • Create your own unique looks and grades
  • Basic controls for quick corrections, advanced controls for fine-tuning
  • Quickly mask an area with a shape and grade inside or out
  • Easily blend two grades together using a range of blend modes
  • Horizontal, vertical and diagonal split views - for quick comparisons
  • Versatile side-by-side comparison views, in either 2Up, 3Up or 4Up configurations
  • Reference Clip - match another grade

The plugin is distributed via the FxFactory plugin management system, so not only is there a free watermarked trial available, there is also a demo video of the plugin in action.


The second product from Lawn Road is called Fast Mask, as the name suggests it's a $49 plugin (again no price on the website) for masking out areas, cloning and applying regional colour corrections. There are four plugins in all. There are two types, Fast Mask and Fast Mask Colour and each of those have effect and title versions.

  • Fast shape selection with the unique shape slider
  • Onscreen controls for mask rotation, shear, scale, position and roundness allow you to mask objects quickly and efficiently
  • The inspector has more controls to refine your mask including feather, z position, x and y rotation
  • With Fast Mask Color you can grade inside or outside of the shape mask
  • Create shapes in a range of colors by using the color overlay controls
  • Easily clone or remove objects
  • Quickly add a vignette and create interesting Picture in Picture effects
  • Grade inside multiple shapes at the same time using the shapes union, intersection or difference as a mask

 Again, the plugin is distributed via FxFactory and has an associated tutorial.


Rob Mackintosh, the author of the plugins at Lawn Road has added a tutorial on using Fast Mask with a moving object. 


Rob Mackintosh, the author of the plugins at Lawn Road has added a tutorial on using Fast Mask with a moving object. 



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