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FCPX PDF gosset

Martin Gosset has just published a 140 page interactive PDF all about FCPX. As you can see it is written in French and is on sale at the great price of just five Euros.

We are all familiar with the the main training companies who have produced learning materials for FCPX. We mustn't forget that English isn't the first language for a lot of people in the video business, so this new PDF will help a lot of French speaking editors.

Martin Gosset, a French documentary editor wrote to us with the details of the PDF. Final Cut Pro X: Dérusher, Monter, Modifier started off as a reference tool for his students and expanded into a full blown training resource. He had already written a similar PDF for Final Cut Pro 7.

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FCPX PDF gosset 1 small
'I wanted to begin with the most difficult things for an editor to grasp in FCPX that has come from FCP 7. So the chapters that seemed more important were those that would enable editors to transpose their skills to FCPX. I didn't want to make a list of tools and say "With this one you do that and with this other you do this." The purpose was "You want to do something (shorten a edit, for example) How do you do that with FCPX?" So I suggest the best and most efficient ways to make that happen.'
'The second strong idea was to use many graphical examples with the least amount of text as possible (reporting those explanations in "Notes, tips and tricks"). This is particularly true in the "How to edit" and "How to modify" chapters. The last one was to add some short videos (integrated in the PDF) which I thought would be helpful.' 
FCPX PDF gosset 2 small
There are 3 large chapters at the moment:
1 How to organize rushes with Roles, key-words, favorites etc... 
2 How to edit... with many graphic explanations (about 25 diagrams)
3 How to modify (about 80 diagrams) a timeline. 
There is also a section that describes a complete workflow based on sparse disk images and the way to archive a project without keeping unwanted media. Martin is going to add some more chapters in the future, the first one about exporting and the second about audio editing.
The price of the PDF is 5 Euros and each new chapter will be free to those who have purchased the document. Based on the success of Edgar Rothermich's How it Works manuals, we can see this being popular.
Now, if we could only convince Martin to translate it into English... 

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