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10 0 09 FCPX

It's an update, but a small one. Final Cut Pro X has been updated to 10.0.09. No new features, but stability improvements and bug fixes are always welcome.

Some people had today pencilled in on their calendar as a possible update day and they were right. The 30th of July brought the upgrade of FCPX to 10.0.9. Alas no features this time, but we do know that a bigger update will come along with the new Mac Pro as told to us at the WWDC.

Also no updates to Motion or Compressor as of yet.

Update Notes:

  • Addresses issues resulting in green artefacts when using Sony XAVC media
  • Fixes several issues related to interlaced media and retimed segments which could cause exports to fail
  • Includes stability improvements.

The update is also a small one in size at 134 MB. 

10 0 09 FCPX size


Now if somebody with a 4GB MacBook Air could try rendering Far Far Away...



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