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IBC preview

We have got on the plane, checked in at the hotel and rented a bike. Yes it's that time in September when the TV industry descends on Amsterdam for the IBC exhibition.

Another year has passed and we are back in Amsterdam reporting on IBC. How many have we been to? Let's jut say that we can remember when it was in a collection of hotels in Brighton, England.

So what do we expect to see? It's fairly obvious that 4K will be the buzzword of the exhibition, Canon are already plugging the 4K EOS C500 as you can see from the banner hanging on the outside of hall 11. 

IBC Canon 4K


Contrast that with 3D, once the buzzword a couple of years ago, which we expect to see very little of this year. So 4K shooting, editing and delivery/transmission.

Apple are not here in any official guise. No stand and no press briefings. A shame as it would have been an excellent PR opportunity to show off the new Mac Pro behind a glass case. Apple did however publish a new Final Cut Pro X user case study of Xtrem's coverage of the Le Mans 24 hour race. Of interest to us is the use of Softron's Movie Recorder which allows access to a growing quicktime file in FCPX.

Apple lemans

We will try to record as many shots of stands using FCPX this year as it always bugs us when people say 'Nobody at the show was using it' even though you can spot that familiar GUI pretty soon after walking in.

What else do we expect? Well, we will do the normal reporting from Blackmagic, AJA and the other hardware manufacturers that are of interest to us. In fact we are off for a rather nice free press lunch with AJA in a few hours. We don't expect any big announcements, those get lined up for NAB.

We have got a few niche hardware and software manufacturers that we will concentrate on. There are some very interesting new products that will be of interest to FCPX editors.

On Sunday we will be off to the annual SuperMeet hosted by Michael Horton and Dan Bérubé. FCP guru Larry Jordan will be there demonstrating FCPX and taking questions from the floor. Go easy on him with the keyboard shortcuts! There is still time to get a discounted ticket for the SuperMeet. Click our special link or use the code fcpcovip to get €5 off the entry price.

Right, we had better get off walking around the show!



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