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8 free effect friday

We have to admit to having a slight lapse with posting the free plugins for FCPX that are published. So let's get right up to date with a bumper crop of eight new ones.

September was a very busy month, with the IBC show right in the middle it made things even busier! Time to catch up on all the free effects that we missed out on over the last few weeks. 8 plugins from three different effect writers.

We start with Idustrial Revolution who have published two. 

Panel Flip 2 follows on from their first FCPX Panel Flip effect

'This time, the screen is split into two horizontally, then the two panels twist on the Y axis to reveal the incoming video or media. There are controls for timing, so both panels can rotate together, one after the other or staggered. There is a rotation direction control for each of the panels and a slider to adjust the acceleration of the twist.'


Text Colour Split is something different, a cross between a title and a transition. Could be very handy to introduce an interview for example.

'Text Colour Split is a free template title plugin for Final Cut Pro X that animates two lines of text over a split colour background. The background then splits to reveal the video underneath. The colour of the background and corresponding text are linked, just adjust one and the other will follow. Any text and any font can be used as start and end positions are published to position the text correctly.'


Next up are two new plugins from Alex Gollner.

Alex4D Switch Channel is a free Final Cut Pro X transition that simulates an analogue TV switching channels between shots.

'Use this transition to imply a change in content. Changing the channel means the outgoing subject is over, it is time to move on to the incoming subject.'


Number two from Alex is a text template called Random Move Horizontal

'A free Final Cut Pro X title that moves lines of text across the screen in a random order. Use this title to show large amounts of text very quickly.'


Lastly are four new plugins from Fox Mahoney, he's been busy!

Decode Text (randomises the text and then unscrambles itself.


Glass Light. Slightly mysterious, but we think it shines that aura across text. 


A rather cool looking movie style into template called Impact.


And very finally for this Friday, a generator called Tech Rings.