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final cat pro plugins 4 new

It looks like Final Cat Pro's extra functionality plugins for Final Cut Pro X have been a success. They have just added four more plugins to the bundle and also given us a 25% off discount coupon code to share with our readers.

Not only have they added four new plugins to the suite, (we first broke the news about the plugins a couple of weeks ago) they have also rewritten the existing FCPX plugins from the ground up based on the feedback from the first versions.

Final Cat Pro Services 1.04 now offers

1. All services have support for dual screen and have several bugs removed.
2. A trial release for all those people out there who like to test before they buy.

They have also very kindly offered FCP.co readers a 25% discount for the period of two weeks, expiring on the 29th of October 2013. All you have to do is enter the code FCPDOTCO when validating the order on PayPal. The cost of the suite has risen to $34, but with the code it will be actually be cheaper than the previous six plugin version! 

The four new plugins are:

Select from In to Out
With FCPX you can not select everything between, before or after your sequence in and out point in the time line. But with this CAT plugin you can do the same again. Set your in and out point, run the plugin and everything will be selected. Or use this plugin to select everything left or right from the playhead. It's easy. Now you can delete, copy paste, duplicate or nest your selection.

Quick Quotes
A lot of users like our Quote and Note plugin to add information to their clips. But what if you are in a rush and you need to work out interviews without stopping the tape? CAT's Quick Quotes sets your in and out point automatically and keeps on running while you type. In this way you can transcribe much faster and you get a clean outline of all your quotes and notes. Good luck.

Eventbrowser to Textfile
This much requested feature is the ability to print out the outline of the event browser. If you want to print out the outline of the event browser you can use CAT's plugin Eventbrowser to Textfile. Select the rows in the event browser that you want to print out and run CAT's Eventbrowser to Textfile. After a while a tabbed text-file will open in TextEdit. You can now copy paste it in your application of choice. Here you are, a clean outline of your event browser.

Audio On - Off
A lot of times you simply want to mute the audio of a clip, without opening the inspector or dragging the audio down. With CAT's Mute Audio you can mute the audio of any clip with the click of a button, even while running your sequence. Very nice if you want to check your audio, mute your score or check your different channels.

Three of the plugins are added to the demo video, they start at around 3:20.