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LUT Utility fcpx

Well we are a little blown away this morning and the Apple event hasn't even started. Color Grading Central has just released LUT Utility. All FCPX editors must watch the video!

Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central needs no introduction here on FCP.co. He's got some great products and he's also produced the excellent free 15 part course on grading that we posted.

Denver has just released LUT Utility, a clever $29 plugin and application that automatically converts flat picture styles to the correct grade in FCPX such as REC709. This is no effect wrapped template, it's a fully coded plugin that also works in Motion and even loads up its own system settings.

So should you be shooting in LOG on an Alexa, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Canon, RED or Sony, then this plugin will instantly show your footage with true exposure and colours. 


It looks like a great plugin, especially as the plugin could be applied to an adjustment layer over the whole footage in a project for a very quick 'one light' grade.

What got us excited was the ability to import a LUT from Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve or Adobe's Speedgrade. Yes that means that you can build a grade in those apps and then apply it directly in Final Cut Pro X without having to roundtrip. Amazing! We are not too sure what looks will actually get transferred over, things like vignettes probably won't, we will ask Denver.

(We also had a flashback to the Apple Color days when we always said that making a grading droplet 'look' from Color would be super useful. Looks like Denver has done just that!)

Color Grading Central are also offering an extra range of grades called Osiris which you can buy with LUT Utility for the combined price of $89. 

Is that enough excitement for one day?