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apple special event October 2013

The big Final Cut Pro X news from Apple's Special Event was that there's no update. No update until December that is when the new Mac Pro gets released. Read on for one of the most impressive video editing benchmarks yet...

After a week of crazy speculation is was nice to get the truth directly from Apple today by watching the live stream of their Special Event from San Francisco. They have been pretty quick by publishing the movie of the event online as well which you can watch here. We will post the YouTube version when it is made available.

So the big news is that the updated Final Cut Pro X will be released in December with the new Mac Pro. We are really happy that Apple have pegged the date to a month's bracket, we would assume it won't happen near the end!

mac pro fcpx date

They have announced two models with specifications, prices are $2,999 for the 3.7 GHz Quad Core and $3,999 for the 3.5 GHz 6 Core. One cool statistic that is not on the site was mentioned in the presentation. The design team had the goal to make the new Mac Pro as quiet as a Mac Mini.

We didn't get an invite to the event and being halfway round the world it would have been a bit inconvenient. Enjoying it on Apple TV was fine, but we missed the Press opportunity to see the Mac Pro and the new Final Cut Pro X in action.

We leave the on site jaw dropping to the lucky guys from Engadget:

'And what about power? Thankfully, this time out there were a trio of Pros actually plugged in. The most impressive of the three was 4K video editing in Final Cut. Thanks in no small part to the dual-GPUs, our friendly Apple demoer had the tower hooked up to two monitors (you can do up to three in Mavericks, mind), editing 16 angles in 4K with no discernible rending occurring. An impressive feat, to say the least.'

Let's just repeat that. 16 angles of 4K, that is the same bandwidth as 64 streams of 1080. What codec we don't know, we would hazard a guess at ProRes 422. Very impressive, start saving up for one now.

The next big news for us editors was the release and pricing of Mavericks. It's already on the App Store as we write, the best news is that it's a free update. Apple also announced that it's a free one click update to all OSX users right back to Snow Leopard.

mavericks osx release


So what else was on the lineup? A new free iMovie for a start that had a very simplified interface. 

new mavericks imovie

Some of the interface looks very, very familiar.

new mavericks imovie 2


Considering the closeness of some of the design and features of the 'old' iMovie to FCPX, is this an indication of things for the future? Will we see an iMovie Theatre feature using iCloud in FCPX? Has to be in 4k of course!

Other apps had big upgrades too, the rest of the iLife apps are also free with Mavericks. One interesting item from the presentation was the 'In App' purchase of more drummers for Garageband. Could this be setting a 'Freemium' model precedent for Apple applications?

'The complete set of 15 drummers is available along with the entire collection of instruments and sounds with a one-time in-app purchase.'

The iWork suite has had a major overhaul and again is free on Mavericks. Pages is worthy of a mention as real time collaboration on a document using iCloud was shown at the presentation.

Back to the hardware side and Apple showed off the new range of Retina MacBook Pros. They have faster chips, feature Thunderbolt 2 and are priced less than the previous models.

New iPads make up the last of the news, but as we are saving up for the Mac Pro, we don't have any spare cash in the technology  budget for this year even though we would love a retina mini when they are released.

Now don't go upgrading to Mavericks mid project! One example, Red Giant have publicly announced their products are not ready.



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