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We knew that the new Mac Pro would generate a lot of news, but a $40,000 Red Mac Pro? It's true, we publish the link to the auction and catch up with all the other Apple, Mavericks and compatibility news.

RED mac pro appleOver the weekend we got notification that a very special Mac Pro was up for auction at Sothebys. If you have a spare $40,000 and don't like black, then this might be the Mac Pro for you! Jonathan Ive has made a one off (RED) Mac Pro that is going into a charity auction online with other products such as solid gold EarPods at $20,000. If you think those are expensive, checkout the (RED) Leica which has an estimated low bid price of $500,000!

Worth noting how much an Apple 1 motherboard sold for in 2010 before you scoff. Special technology can command high prices. Rumours of a gold Kardashian Mac Pro model could not be confirmed however!






Back to rather less expensive news, free updates for Mavericks to be precise.

AJA kona mavericks

AJA has posted Mavericks drivers for all their current I/O devices on their website. We were a bit confused by the naming convention they use. The numbers refer to the actual driver update and not the fact that they are compatible with Mac OS tiger 10.4!

No sign yet of the AJA Io 4K. Now that the MacBook Pro has been released with Thunderbolt 2, the demand for this clever little box will start. Promise Technology have said that their Thunderbolt 2 Pegasus RAIDS and SANLink2 (now in Mac Pro matching black) will ship in November

Blackmagic Design were a bit quicker off the mark and had Mavericks drivers ready for the day of release. There have been a few reported issues with DaVinci Resolve, so we would hang fire with the update if you are a colourist.

No word on Mavericks drivers for Matrox products, FCP.co Forum member T Payton has posted that everything works fine for his MXO2 Mini after uninstalling and reinstalling the latest Matrox drivers after the Mavericks update.

If you use Red Giant's plugins such as Magic Bullet, Andrew Cheyne, Director of Engineering at RG is recommending users do not upgrade due to licensing code issues.

For Final Cut Pro X itself, Stockoto is reporting that background rendering stops because of the new App Nap feature in Mavericks. After a heavy weekend of editing with FCPX on Mavericks, we haven't seen this, but it is good to know a fix should it happen. 


If you have come across any other problems that are Mavericks related, then please add them in the comments below.



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