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movie machine festival


Movie Machine's Digital Cinema Festival will showcase footage on the big screen from many different affordable cameras. They are also offering a Blackmagic Cinema camera as a first prize for the best short film entered.

Many cameras are marketed as having 'cinematic' qualities, but what exactly do they look like on the big screen? Movie Machine has booked the Prince Charles Cinema in London's Leicester Square on December the 4th for possibly the biggest ever on screen camera test. Rick Young and his team will be projecting footage from all the affordable cameras, from the pocket Blackmagic, through the DSLRs, up to the Alexa. Maybe some 'not so budget' cameras will make the screening as well.

Register to attend the Digital Cinema Festival (£10)


Movie Machine are also running a competition for the best short film submitted. Not only will the best 10 get screened at the event, entrants will also have the chance to win a variety of prizes including a Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Entries have to be submitted by November the 26th. Full entry rules are over on the Movie Machine website.


I we had a short film in-between one to five minutes here at FCP.co, we would be uploading it as an entry into Movie Machine's digital cinema festival right now!

Through the evening, interspersed with the film entries, guest presenters will talk about shooting with a range of cameras:

7.30pm Why we need RAW; Why we need compressed: shooting with the Blackmagic Camera & shooting with the PMW-F3 - Rick Young

100706There’s a lot of talk about filming RAW or choosing ProRes when filming with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. In this presentation Rick shows just what can be achieved with the RAW format and how powerful this can be in a post production environment; and also how good native ProRes looks. Then for a completely different take Rick will show a selection of footage filmed as XDCAM EX on the PMW-F3 – to see what compressed images look like on the big screen. Expect to see plenty of images from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, the Blackmagic Pocket Camera, and PMW-F3

8pm Cinema Presentation: On location with Den Lennie and the Sony PMW-F5

100703Step out on location with Den Lennie to find out what the Sony PMW-F5 is all about. Shooting S-Log 2 to SxS 2 cards, recording XAVC at 100mbps. On the front of the camera is a Zeiss 28-80mm compact zoom, priced at $20 000 USD. The graded images are spectacular and we will be showing these on the big screen, with interview content with Den, about why he chose the PMW-F5, his choice of lenses, and what you need to know to capture cinematic images, regardless of which camera you choose.

8.30pm Guest Speakers: Josh Fortune (director) and supported by Rob Allison (VFX).

100741Two amazing and passionate filmmakers, renowned for having won the 2012 Smoke & Mirrors 48 Hour Film Competition, with a riveting short film titled "Mine." This was filmed with the Canon 5D Mark II. Their second film titled "A Great Divide" was filmed with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and are now working on their next project, titled What Manner of Men, again using the BMCC. Both have been making short films since they were young; filmmaking is very much a passion for the pair. Judging from the content they have produced, they are set for much bigger things. Josh Fortune and Rob Allison will talk through their experience and contrast working on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera compared to the Canon 5D

9.20pm Cinema Presentation: Shooting with RED Epic with James Tonkin

100712We travel on location with James Tonkin to show RED Epic in action. James Tonkin is a well-established London-based filmmaker, having worked with some of the hottest acts in the world, including Robbie Williams, The Rolling Stones, Coldplay and many UK and international companies. James shoots with many different cameras; he is the proud owner of a RED Epic which gives him the resolution and quality to work at the highest levels. We will show footage filmed by James with the RED Epic, and James explains how he integrates RED Epic and other cameras into his production workflow.

10.10pm Guest Speaker: Matt Davis. Shooting affordable cinema with the Canon C100

100716Matt Davis specialises in high-end corporate video production and much of what he produces does ends up on the big screen, in conference centers, exhibition halls and everything from large screens to hand held devices. The need to create cinematic images is a requirement demanded by many clients in the corporate world. Matt shoots with several different cameras; for this presentation he will focus on the Canon C100 – which records 1920 × 1080 images as AVCHD native or 4:2:2 to external recorder. With a wide choice of Canon EF lenses fantastic results can be achieved with this affordable cinema set-up. 



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