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Logic Pro Ding Ding

The release of Logic Pro X over the summer caught everyone by surprise and now the third party training materials are starting to catch up. Edgar Rothermich has just released his graphically enhanced manual for 'LPX.'

We have been a big fan of Edgar's manuals from day one and so have our readers. His Final Cut Pro X manuals that feature how things work portrayed in pictures are easily the biggest sellers via links from this site. 

Edgar's background is in sound engineering, so it was only a matter of time before he released a 'Graphically Enhanced Manual' for Logic Pro X. The manual is available as an electronic download from the Ding Ding Music site for $15, or if you prefer a hardcopy, it can be purchased from Amazon.

We had a quick flick through and although we are not musicians by any stretch of the imagination, we could follow along by way Edgar lays things out on the page with his graphic 'flow chart' style.

If this all feels slightly familiar, Edgar offered a free download of the iPad app Logic Remote. Unfortunately you now have to stump up $3.99 for an electronic copy or $21 for a printed version.

Here are three pages from the Logic Pro X book.

Logic Pro Ding Ding 2


Logic Pro Ding Ding 4

Logic Pro Ding Ding 3