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Digital Rebellion have come out with a super cool iPad app. Can't wait to try this one out with FCP!

Its exactly how it sounds, you make notes on notepad and add a timecode. The cool thing you can export these notes to FCP or Avid!


Anyway if you want to find out more go here. You can download the app from iTunes. Here's the official blurb:

"Cut Notes opens up a whole new world of utility for the iPad in Post Production. If you are a Producer, Director or Editor that still hand-writes timecode during a screening, say Hello to Cut Notes.


As simple as tapping Play along with your Editor, you'll never again worry about manually writing timecode next to your thoughts during a screening.


With a single tap of a Note Key, your notes can be a short as one word or an entire phrase, all added instantly at the current timecode. Cut Notes frees you from looking at what you're writing and allows you to focus on what's important: the cut.


Change any Note Key, create new pages of Note Keys, all centered around your workflow. Cut Notes tailors to your Post Production needs.


Cut Notes is platform independent. Whether you're screening a DVD, a QuickTime file the Editor sent out, or sitting in an edit bay with your team, Cut Notes just works. After you've made your notes, Cut Notes can e-mail Avid Locator or Marker List files, which can be imported into NLEs like Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, and more. Cut Notes can also e-mail, copy, and print your notes using AirPrint. Importing a Marker List into Final Cut Pro requires the free Cut Notes Marker Import utility for Mac OS X.


Swipe all the way to the left to make notes with the keyboard if a Note Key doesn't apply.


Have as many projects as you want, at any of the common frame rates. Inside each project you can have an unlimited number of cuts. You'll always be able to reference an older cut in case you think your Editor missed something from the last round of notes.


Put your iPad in Landscape to play timecode and start making notes. Rotate to portrait to review all notes taken."


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