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Final Cut Server on iPad Touch


Take a look at ClipTouch, a Final Cut Server client for the iPad, developed to enable the use of iPads as review tools instead of having to maintain costly review workstations. At just $14.99 it's well worth the purchase. More after the break.

Here are the features of this new iPad app:

– No server configuration required
– Search and discover assets
– Directly download and view clip proxies
– Supports the default proxy setting
– Clip timecode display
– Change asset metadata
– Browse and add annotations
– Archive and Restore assets to any archive device
– Respects permission sets based on your login
– Supports direct and VPN connections

ClipTouch will also work with the default format of your clip proxies. To get optimal results you can change this format to use optimised Compressor settings. Go here for more information. You can download from the App store.

Ben Balser's review of this new iPad app really caught our attention:

"Now, at this time it’s not a full service FCSvr client.  You can search assets, view and change asset metadata, do annotations, and run full screen preview proxies, that’s about it.  But that’s half of FCSvr anyway.  And it does all of this really nicely in a very clean, FCSvr styled GUI."

"If you’re running FCSvr in your studio, and own an iPad, and can access FCSvr and the Internet via WiFi, I’d say take the plunge, invest $15, and get this little gem."

Ben also had an interesting wish list on his comprehensive blog entry here. Worth a look.

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