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Automatic FCP project generator with Post Haste


If you need to simplify your workflow, then try Post Haste, now updated to version 1.1. Enter some basic information about your project and let Post Haste take care of copying and renaming your files. More after the break including some amusing food for thought.

This is how it works:

"Use your own existing folder structure, Post Haste will create a folder for your project with everything in place. It will even rename project files to match. Just include your files with the name "Template" and Post Haste will take care of the renaming those files.

Because Post Haste copies & renames files as well, set up your own template project files with common bins, sequence/comp settings, or even favorite effects for Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Motion, or just about any program you use.

Name fields whatever you like. Post Haste will even auto-fill the date field in your preferred format. Chose to automatically reveal the project folder and even to quit when you're done. If you save projects to one specific location on your system, you can bypass the save dialog all-together." 

What we especially like is the fact that Post Haste is advertised as "lunchware." OK so we're all used to donating to things like Wikipedia to help grease that internet wheel.

But lunchware? If you find the app useful, then why not buy the developer a meal? There's even a price list. Now here's something to munch on before you click here on the link.

$5 - Hamburger & Soda, $10 - Dinner, $25 - Movie, Popcorn, Candy, and Soda, $50 - Dinner for Him & Wife

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