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What started off as a quick link to a blog, ended up with some detective work to find the new range of software control surfaces for FCP.

This morning over our normal latte, we were reading the excellent blog from Peyton Peterson and how he likes to mix his FCP sound from across the room on a bean bag. By using the AC-7 Pro iPad app, he gets realtime access to all the faders and more importantly, controls more than one at a time. 

Here is where the detective work starts. We'd thought we would post the direct link to the app on the iTunes store so you could download it. Could we find it? No.

cover2After a bit of flipping back through webpages, we ended up on the developers page, Saitara Software (You have to love iWeb) Well it was pretty obvious why the AC-7 Pro app doesn't exist any more, it has been replaced by the AC-7 Core range of apps! 

So why the change? The new version of the iOS that runs on the iPad features Core Midi which enables the panel to configured much easier and you are not reliant on a third party piece of software on the host Mac. The manufactures haven't stopped there either and have had a complete GUI redesign with the option of a brushed metal finish too.

So back to the  question that started this all off. Here is the direct iTunes link for AC-7 Core not bad value for $7.99 seeing that a hardware version will set you back $1200 plus. There is also a version for the iPhone and iPod touch. Seems slightly strange that the developer has lost all his links to the original app from blogs & press releases.

I will let this rather excellent mini tutorial from TapCritic take you through the features and the functionality of AC-7 Core. Shame about the levels readout but hopefully that might be fixed in a new version of FCP :)

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