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Well we had to do a bit of a double take when we saw this. For $39.99 you can download this app from the Mac App Store today and use New York stock footage immediately. Disruptive distribution? I'm impressed.

When the Mac App Store was announced, buying stock footage was the last thing I had in mind to do with it. 

The guys at Mosa Motion have chucked a huge brick into the calm pool of stock footage distribution by utilising this new method to get their clips to clients.  The idea is very simple, you buy the app for $39.99 and that instantly gets you 32 HD clips of New York to use in your next production. 

I don't know if the footage is actually embedded into the app or if the app just acts as gateway. The iTunes store puts it at 416MB. Two things I noticed though, the fooatge is 1280x720 and 29.97fps and also the licence says "Non-Advertising, News & Documentary use only"

Will this work? I don't know, but I do know that if i was part of a stock footage firm, I'd be on the phone to my XCode savvy friends right now. Good luck to them, expect more capital cities soon!

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