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Up until now there were two ways to get your FCPX timelines into Motion. Buy an application or painstakingly export each clip out and rebuild it layer by layer in Motion. Not any more. A new web application does the hard work for you. for free.

One of the most requested features in Final Cut Pro X has to be the ability to take a timeline into Motion to add effects and graphics. You used to be able to do to with FCP7, it was a touch unstable, but it worked.

Then came a commercial app which did a very good job. We thought that was it until we got an email from Andrea Righi from Il Gatto Ha Nuove Code.

As you can imagine, we get a lot of emails a day and it can be hard to give each enquiry the time it deserves, but this one stood out immediately.

Andrea told us about a web application from his company that automatically converts FCPX timelines into Motion projects. Just upload the FCPXML to the website and then download a Motion project. For free!

We had to try it out immediately!

It didn't work. There were a few problems that we found, but with a good email dialogue over the weekend, Andrea has managed to fix the bugs and it now works rather well.

Let us take a very simple FCPX timeline:

FCPX to Motion 1


FCPX to Motion 3

Export that project's FCPXML, upload to the website and then download the Motion project from the button on the right - Boom!


FCPX to Motion 2


As you can see. Not only is the project the correct length and frame rate, all the layers are in order and are timed correctly. Not bad for a free app! 

Andrea is keen to point out that this service is in beta and undergoing constant updates. It has progressed a lot from when we first tried it last week. 

Although a lot of the media's attributes are translated, there are things that don't carry over. Andrea is very keen to support titles, generators, retiming, keyframes, audio, markers and freeze frames.

So we ask two things, please send Andrea any feedback you have on the app and secondly, why not click the donate button on the webpage. Although the service is free, why not give Andrea a free coffee or beer. He certainly deserves it.




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