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Another week and another Final Cut Pro X event! This time FCPX World moves to Berlin and Karsten Schlüter had the opportunity to attend and report for FCP.co.


Posted slightly later than planned due to a rather busy few days here at FCP.co which you will see from the frontage. We apologise.

FCP.co Forum moderator Karsten Schlüter reports on the FCPX World event in Berlin.


Wow - who would have of thought? An exclusive FCPX event In Germany, in German (Partly) with Apple!

But from the start:

A rainy Berlin, occupied by the Secret Service = POTUS visits his friend Angela and a somewhat epic location: The Meistersaal, right in the middle of the German capital, where Bowie, U2 and Depeche Mode recorded some of their greatest hits.

fcpx world 2016 berlin 09


1pm, registration, softdrinks and first Hello and Is it you?? - The pictures on forums transformed into real people - socialising at its best.

fcpx world 2016 berlin 02

fcpx world 2016 berlin 01


Robin Kurz, Hannover based certified trainer and editor, moderated the show, gave the kick-off and for a start, an Apple representative presented the new MacBook Pro - spoiler: In the coffee pause, five of these beasts were available for everybody to have a first touch.

Then, Apple demoed some of the new features of vers.10.3. - and, as in London, asked us not to record the presentation. No NDAs signed, I’m allowed to divulge: We saw no secret future features. The demo project was the well known UHD wide colour short about a Japanese botanical artist.

Although no new news, it was a packed tour through the many features of FCPX, with a heavy emphasis on roles.

fcpx world 2016 berlin 07


Next was Shahin Shokoui, well-known director, editor, trainer and movie artist, who demoed his workflow in the making of MTV Unplugged/Marius Müller Westernhagen.


How the edit on FCPX begin? Shahin this illustrated wtih a handful of charts, playing back the usual dialogue:

Producer: Avid or Premiere?
Me: Final Cut
Producer: Seven?
Me: X
Producer: Huh??

To give his decision some extra weight, Shahin told the producer, he's not only faster, but therefore cheaper using FCPX - which hits the nerve of any producer.

fcpx world 2016 berlin 08


Then, he gave some insight into his workflow, the smart selection of keywords, the massive amount of raw material (up to 14 simultaneous cameras, several different formats) and how easy and flawless it was to handle all that, … except on stage: FCPX crashed! Several times! But, a helpful soul from the audience could drill the failure down to a single naughty clip, which got corrupted on its way to Berlin.

While fixing that, a coffee break allowed hands-on on the new MacBook Pro and its Touch Bar and even more socializing - Robin had to remind the crowd quite vociferously, to get back to the seats!

fcpx world 2016 berlin 04

fcpx world 2016 berlin 05

fcpx world 2016 berlin 06


Without the corrupted file, Shahin showed a 28 angles multicam edit (14 angles auto synched, plus 14 angles of a 2nd take manually) - on a three year old ‘Trashcan’ Mac Pro… tell this your Windows friends….

Shahin emphasized FCPX's endless ability to wrangle meta-tags, for instance using the Timeline Index and ToDo markers instead of free-flowing post-its. The power of Annotation Transcriber, a tool to create transcripts with searchable notes in the Event-Browser. The seamless integration of external audio-processing.

Within 54 days, Shahin made 22 individual tracks, a 90min documentary , shorter versions, DVD version, Directors Cut, trailers… Shahin is convinced no other NLE would allow him that amount of work to be done in such a short period of time.

But not only that… switching gears and from German to English
At 4pm, Rory Cantwell, one of the founders of sohoeditors.com and Barry Wijayawardena, freelance producer, director, cinematographer, editor, colourist and trainer who spent eleven years at Apple working on all things Final Cut Pro, demoed the complete workflow of a movie in FCPX.

Then we saw award winning SYNC from Hasraf Dullul, … and the next two hours the audience was allowed to have more than just a look over the shoulders at the creation of the trail in FCPX.


And although the show missed over-ran its schedule, the rows were filled with an attentively listening audience, up to the last minute.

The aftershow allowed direct talks with the presenters, and this year's highlight of the German FCPX users community ended with some beer and lots of chat.

MANY THANKS to Soho Editors who made this event possible, thanks to the many souls behind the curtain, a big hand to Apple and for sure and many thanks to all presenters and moderator Robin - this afternoon was just awesome.

The official shirts are not soon avail at shop.soho-editor.uk,co …..

fcpx world 2016 berlin 03


(sorry, some silly joke, only the participants of this event do understand)


A very big thank you to Karsten for attending and reporting. Also more thanks to him for the brilliant job he does in moderating the FCP.co Forum.


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