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Eyeheight have released complianceSuiteFC - a set of professional broadcast filter and generator plug-ins for Apple Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express. The idea is that this package takes care of all your compliance issues, but with a retail price of £695, or £795 for sister product KARMaudioAU it seems a little bit outside the normal price range of the FCP eco system. More after the break.

Having your programmes and interstitials conform fully to specified video signal parameters, yet keeping the full video dynamic range is clearly important to all editors, but it seems that complianceSuiteFC isn't a one-stop shop. The software doesn't do a Harding test, so even though it might be legal levels wise, it could still fail a Harding test and after coughing up all that cash, you could still get transmission service-providers returning your tapes/files to you.