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Arctic Whiteness has just announced a new app called Final Cut Library Opener that allows a collaborative workflow with FCPX by automatically opening up an ephemeral copy of another user's Library.

Collaborative workflow is the killer feature for NLEs in the ever expanding video production business. This time last year DaVinci Resolve was being demonstrated with updating timelines between workstations and only two days ago Adobe announced bin locking on opening other editor's projects. 

We have explored the automatic copying of other user's information from FCPX Libraries right here and proved that Apple has built the necessary project architecture that will allow collaborative workflow in the future.

But the good news is that you can get there already with a new app from Artic Whiteness called Final Cut Library Opener.

FCLO allows you to open an 'ephemeral copy' of a Library right from your menu bar. 

Now, if this is all sounds a bit familiar, you would be right.

Mike Matzdorff has been suggesting this as a workaround for collaborative workflows since an appearance on a Final Cut Pro X Virtual User Group. He's been working with Arctic Whiteness to get his idea into an app and perfect the workflow.

 He's also made a video which goes into more detail.

Arctic Whiteness has priced Final Cut Library Opener at 19,90 € plus VAT, but for one week it is available for 9.90 € plus VAT.


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