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As much as we love our Canon 5D, you would not want to shoot a documentary on the history of lace with it. Why? The dreaded moiré striping effects you can see above on the left hand side example. However you might have a couple of plugins installed already that will fix the problem.

We had an email in pointing us to Cinedigital, a Spanish website that looks to have some cool content about editing, DSLR's, Macs etc. A slight problem though, it is all in Spanish and one of our staff writers who speaks Spanish isn't on iChat this evening so we'll have to make do with a rather fine Google translation. Oh and by the way should you wish to send us a link, tip or anthing else you think our readers would find interesting, please fire away using editor(at)fcp(dot)co

So back to the moiré problem, i'll let Cinedigital pickup the story...

Several years ago we bought a pack of filters that are called Nattress Big Box of Tricks developed by Graeme Nattress, which he does not know much about him, is a genius in all that relates to the video, to the extent that it is he who codec developed with the cameras that filmed The Social Network.

This package of filters in Final Cut works and has about 40 effects that are not normally found in pluggins of other companies and within these there are 2 who were the use, the first G Spatial Noise Reduction and the second G Temporal Noise Reduction. By applying these two pluggins automatically disappeared moiré.

Rather ironic don't you think that Graeme who writes the very clever codec stuff used in the Red series of cameras has also written a fix for their nemesis, the DSLR. :)

Thank you to Cinedigital for this excellent fix.