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Brad Olsen, the producer of the FCPX film 'Off the Tracks' has announced that an abridged version will be available on YouTube at 8PM tonight (BST) Midday PDT. We have embedded the video so that it's ready to watch!

The release of Final Cut Pro X eight years back seems like a long time ago now. The app has matured and perceptions have changed. It wasn't that way at the launch though.

In Brad's film, he tells the story of how the most popular editing application got reborn and how the community handled (or didn't handle) the paradigm change.

Brad explains “When most directors revisit their movies they create extended versions. As an editor first I am always thinking about what can be taken out while still telling a complete story. There are some real gems of knowledge only found in the full cut, but I hope this alternate version will reach even more people."

Was the redesign too radical? With other NLEs now copying lots of features from FCPX, did Apple do the right thing by redesigning the NLE for the 21st century?

Watch the film and find out!

Full version on iTunes here and Vimeo here.

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