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The Final Cut Pro X ecosystem grows again with new workflow extensions. They are similar, one for SNS storage systems to browse content and another for Cantemo Portal, the shared storage Media Asset Manager.


Studio Network Solutions, or SNS for short has released a workflow extension for Final Cut Pro X. You will have to have an SNS storage system for it to run, but really worth installing if you do.

Not only can you search for media, log media and bring the selected media into an FCPX library from within the app, but SNS also offers a unique way of teams sharing Libraries over shared storage.

If you take a look a the specific webpage on their site, they are targeting FCPX users with the workflow extension, teams using Libraries and the interoperability of the storage with keywords in their browser app.

SNS has released a short promo about the new extension: 

They have also released a much more detailed walk though of how FCPX works with the extension. Even if you don't have an SNS server, it is still worth a watch to see how the two interact with ease. 



Cantemo Portal

We have covered this excellent Media Asset Management application (MAM) before on FCP.co. So it is good to see that a new Cantemo workflow extension has been developed especially for FCPX. Although some of the features and operation look similar to other MAMs, Cantemo can work with most shared storage systems, large or small. In fact some installs have seat numbers in the 100's.

View all of FCP.co's coverage of Cantemo Portal here. (13 articles)

With the Cantemo Workflow extension, editors can access their media without leaving the FCPX workspace.

  • Preview, add metadata and drag media into a timeline.
  • Drag assets into the workflow extension to upload them to Portal through the Cantemo Agent.
  • This extension also allows you to drag XML data into any 3rd party tool that supports Final Cut Pro X XML.

This is really good news for FCPX editors who work with Cantemo as their MAM. Before the workflow extension, you had to search for footage in a web browser. Now with a click (or even a custom workspace with a keyboard shortcut) an editor can search, browse and even drag media into their Library.

Just before you head off to the Mac App Store to download the extension, we believe this is just an announcement of upcoming features in the 4.1 release. Well, that and we can't find it on the MAS! Also the website looks like it needs a bit of an update as it still has uses the 10.2 GUI.

One to watch though and if you end up working FCPX in a big broadcast or shared environment, then you just might be using Cantemo and the workflow extension.