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We feel pretty bad about this one as we missed it in the crazy build up to our website's launch. Tim Dashwood of Dashwood Cinema Solutions is not only announcing an upgrade to Stereo3D Toolbox, but he is also unveiling brand new products at NAB 2011 - One of them being Stereo3D Cat.

We all know that our favourite NLE is on its last legs, well it has had a long life if you count in dog years. The concept of it being able to edit in 3D probably never entered the designers & engineers heads 10 years ago when it was born.

This lead to Tim designing Stereo3D Toolbox, a suite of plugins designed to run in FCP so that the editor can not only edit, but correct left and right images to output a 'perfect' 3D movie. Pretty successful it has been too.

At NAB 2011, Version 3 will be on display. Actually Tim will be busy man as it will be on 4 stands, the DSC Labs (C10215), Matrox (SL2515), Stereo3D Unlimited  (C10514D1), and Panasonic (C3707). So Make sure you plan on visiting one during your NAB trip.

This video of Version 2 gives you an idea of the flexibilty of the plugin as it is now.

Also on show for the first time will be Stereo3D CAT -

Stereo3D CAT™ is an on-location software calibration and analysis system that dramatically simplifies the calibration of left and right eye cameras. Equipped with a unique eyestrain warning system, Stereo3D CAT™ scans 3D footage and calculates the correct camera alignment points. Feedback guides illustrate the depth of the 3D shot and provide directors and cinematographers with a visual aide for making convergence adjustments and proper interaxial separation. 

Not forgetting two other new products. (Boy has he been busy!)

The Dashwood 3D Chart – Capture Your Best Shot

Developed in conjunction with DSC Labs, the Dashwood 3D Chart is a brand new stereoscopic chart that automates the display of accurate 3D rig calibration at unprecedented speeds.

Dashwood Stereo3D Utilities

Also to be showcased for the first time at NAB are Dashwood’s new utility applications. These newly developed tools support ingest of 3D material from new cameras on the market and output of stereoscopic files to monitors and recording devices.

So if you are doing 3D or planning on doing 3D in the future make sure you check out the products. There is a demo available of Stereo3D toolbox if you scroll to the bottom of his webpage. 

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