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The Frame.io workflow extension for Final Cut Pro X was one of the first that got released. So with this week's 10.4.9 update to FCPX, it's good to see that it got an update as well.

To be honest, the old Frame.io extension wasn't great. Handy, yes, but it lacked a lot of the features that we needed, so we always ended up logging into Frame.io in a browser.

Well, we now know why. The update to 10.4.9 requires workflow extensions to be written in Swift and Frame.io were probably waiting on this to give the extension a complete makeover.

The extension is great, but there is a lot more to the Frame.io update, including the release of the transfer app and HDR playback options. You can read more about these from Emery Wells here.

Take a look at the demo video of the update as it runs through a lot more including proxy workflows. Good to see Patrick Southern back on camera!

Final Cut Pro X Workflow Extension Delivers Power and Flexibility for Remote Workflows

Frame.io’s Final Cut Pro X Workflow Extension is second to none, and with Frame.io v3.7 and Apple’s latest release of Final Cut 10.4.9, there are new features to make workflows—especially for distributed teams—even more powerful and flexible.

New proxy media tools make it faster and easier to move and share media. Use H.264 in addition to ProRes to generate proxy files, and view them in a variety of resolutions and sizes. Easily download clips in the background by dragging them from the Frame.io extension directly into Final Cut.

Further optimizing workflows for speed and efficiency, users can now add relevant keywords, rename clips, sort them between Events, or cut them straight into the timeline while the files are downloading. For power users with many folders, Frame.io Transfer enables batch downloads of Proxy Media within the folder structure. For users who are color grading or mastering projects in Final Cut, simply import original camera files and relink them to the proxies from Frame.io.




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