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Postlab has expanded. Today we have the launch of the collaborative media tool Postlab Drive that takes advantage of the new proxy capabilities of Final Cut Pro X.

The original Postlab allowed FCPX editors to share Libraries via the cloud, checking them in and out so no one got confused about who had the latest version.

Postlab Drive is one step further and now incorporates media, obviously helped by the new proxy features in the Final Cut Pro 10.4.9 update.

This gives you shared storage in the cloud, allowing editors to edit with footage directly without having to download it first.

With all the Covid restrictions at the moment, this will allow an editor to edit from home without ever having to go into the office or take delivery of a media drive from the friendly DHL delivery person again.

No demo video on this one yet, Felipe Baez is working on one and we will insert it into the article when ready. We will also have a review from Oliver Petes in the next couple of weeks, however the response is already positive from users who have been testing Postlab Drive Out.

Postlab Drive is like a no-nonsense remote server aimed at editors, and I had no idea how badly I needed it. Says Steven Moyer - Editor, La Leyenda Negra. Once I realized what it really was, I couldn't stop thinking about the collaborative possibilities it opened up. It instantly became indispensable to me. Postlab Drive behaves like a local disk and that truly makes a world of difference in how I can communicate with collaborators." 

Paul Matthjis, the CEO of Hedge and Postlab Drive goes even further and calls it a game changer. You can read more about Postlab Drive and the cloud technology it uses in his excellent blog here.

postlabdrive dropoff2

Postlab Drive also gives users and clients the ability to upload and download files. Drop Off and Pickup allow clients to send and download footage and assets directly via a URL so they don't have to have run PostLab Drive on their computers.

postlabdrive dropoff

The cloud infrastructure for PostLab Drive is powered by wasabi, whose low latency servers allow Postlab Drive to offer the speeds needed for editing and quick data transfers. In the diagram below you can see that Postlab Drive easily outperforms Google Drive and Dropbox.

postlabdrive speed

It also interfaces with high-speed transfer app MASV, media management app Kyno and cloud-based media tool Iconik.

So what about price? If you already subscribe to Postlab, good news. Pro users will get 100GB of space and Teams 1000GB. For more space, plans start at $30 a month or $300 a year for 1 TB.

Want to know more about just sharing libraries? You can read Oliver Peter's review of Postlab here. 

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