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Ulti.Media has released an app for Final Cut Pro X that can split a movie into separate shots or add a marker at each shot change. On sale at only $6, that's a lot of functionality that could save a lot of time.

A third party sends you some B-Roll as one huge clip. Great, but it can be a pain shuttling through a long clip looking for different shots. Or maybe a client has sent you a flat file export of a film and they want you to do some colour correcting. How do you split the shots up?

You can't do it directly in FCPX, but a new €5 app called FCPX Cut Finder does exactly what it says, finding shot boundaries within a long clip. 

By loading a movie into FCPX Cut Finder, you have the choice of exporting an FCPXML that will either give you a timeline with all the shots split in order, or a complete movie with markers at the shot boundaries.

FCPXCF ExportOptions 00000

FCPXCF ExportOptions 00001

Now, you will need macOS 10.5 Catalina to run the program. This is because is uses the Machine Learning Apple framework to identify content and objects within the media. A great explanation is on their website should you want to know how they do it.

Alex Raccuglia from Ulti.Media has produced this tutorial showing FCPX Cut Finder in action.

As we suggested earlier on tis year, we think we will see more apps and plugins for FCPX that use AI and Machine Learning. This is where we will see the real power of Final Cut Pro X over the next few years, harnessing the advanced features in the macOS to do cool or repetitive things quickly and accurately.


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