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An update to Digital Anarchy's Flicker Free plugin has bought motion compensation, a large performance boost and a handy collection of presets.

One question that gets asked a lot on here and other forums is "How can I get rid of flicker on my video?". It could be a flickering light at a wedding, removing DSLR rolling shutter, smoothing a timelapse or getting rid of of the flickering that rotors produce on drone footage.

There's only been a couple of answers to that question, one of them being the usage of the Flicker Free plugin from Digital Anarchy. 

Today Flicker Free gets an update to version 2. Still priced at £149, the plugin (which works on all major NLEs including Final Cut Pro X) is offering a 300% bump in performance. That's using NVIDIA’s CUDA and OpenCL (AMD), Metal support will be available soon in a free update.


New Features:

  • New Motion Compensation algorithm that uses optical flow to fix handheld footage or footage with moving subjects.
  • GPU support that increases performance by up to 1500% on 4K footage.
  • More robust de-flicker algorithm that fixes issues like rolling bands even better than 1.0.
  • Additional presets to make it easier and faster to find the right settings for flicker removal

flicker free fcpx

There is a free watermarked trial so you can test the plugin out on your problem footage. It just might save the cost of a reshoot!

If you are can existing Flicker Free user, the update to version 2 will cost $89.00.