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Remember the guys that bought you the $39.99 NYC for Final Cut? Well they've been busy out shooting in Washington and have produced another inexpensive royalty free stock footage pack.

Bundling up stock footage into an application and selling it on the App Store is a brilliant idea. Mosa Motion Graphics must have done OK out of the New York pack as they have followed up with the Washington DC pack. We would have been a bit more adventurous and shot Las Vegas or even London, but this pack just might save you having to get on a plane for the capital.

We couldn't find the application on the US website, maybe it is a geographic thing, so here is DC for Final Cut on the UK App Store. Before we post the description we have one quick request to the authors, please don't spam Twitter the way you did with the NYC edition. You have a cool product so don't ruin it with dodgy marketing.

60 HD shots in all, from the city that rules the US, and rocks the financial markets. This collection captures iconic government symbols, and a city & region bursting with people. these are seldom seen views, captured with a discriminating eye and knock-out composition!

Many, many classic images, in varied lighting conditions, and exhaustive multiple views. Cinema style shooting! 

Top Highlights include:
The US Capitol
The White House
The Washington Monument
The Lincoln Memorial

This collection includes trendy topical DC financial giants like:
The Federal Reserve
The US Treasury
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac

If you create video content for the classroom, podcast, blog, internet, or tv, this app will cure your DC video footage needs. If you use Apple video editing products, the use of this app is almost seamless! User license allows royalty free use. Getting this large amount of stock footage simply isn't available elsewhere. 

All shots are approximately 20 seconds in duration (some are longer). Video is complied in the 720P AppleTV spec. 29.97 fps, and project ready. Cinematic style: most shots employ solid tripod use, with smooth moves. There are a small number of hand-held as well.

Clips only work in editing programs with h.264 file support. Suggested: iMovie 09, iMovie 11, Final Cut Express 4.0.1, Final Cut Pro 6.6, 7. For NLE's with no h.264 support, shots can easily be exported and converted with programs like Quicktime to your project sequence format. 

Once downloaded, there is no further connectivity required. 

All videos were acquired in and of public places in the Washington DC area. Royalty free use license for content from this app. Advertising use prohibited. Users are solely responsible for all editorial content and use. No implied warranty.

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