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You can't have failed to miss the many demo videos about Technicolor's CineStyle picture style that allows Canon DSLR owners more latitude colour correcting video in post production. Nikon owners now have the same opportunity.

Shooting with a flat picture style optimises the dynamic range that can be captured on video from a DSLR. Straight out of the camera the images will look 'flat' and hence the name. When it comes to post production things are different as there is more information so you have more latitude for colour correction. More detail in the shadows being an example.

Canon owners have had the well publicised Technicolor picture style, but what about Nikon owners?

Blackpeppers has come to the rescue with a flat picture style for the Nikon D7000 and a LUT for Apple's Color. Checkout how they compare against the Canon. Download links at the bottom of the article.


Here a quick test between Canon 550D (T2i) and Nikon D7000 when it comes to low light and high ISO (both at 1080p24).
We chose to compare side by side the Cinestyle from Technicolor and my own curve (TassinFlat that is available with its LUT to download, see the bottom of this description) for D7000 and then the two neutral profile straight out of both cameras. Ungraded files.

Settings for 550D (Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F/2.8 XR Di):
- Technicolor Cinestyle with Sharpness: 0, contrast: -4, saturation: 0, Tone: 0.
- Neutral with Sharpness/Contrast/Saturation/Tone to 0.

Settings for D7000 (Nikkor AF-D 20-35mm f/2.8):
- TassinFlat with Sharpness: 0, Saturation: 0 and Tone: 0 using AdobeRGB as Color Space. 
- Default Neutral with sharpness to 0 and AdobeRGB as Color Space.

Download the picture style and LUT

Download the 1080p file

Amny thanks to @jjsanderson for the tip