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Is it a late night poker game? Has Alex gone 'all in' and bet his iPad? No, it's a two hour chat about Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 and a bit of Compressor dealt from the bottom of the pack.

Just how many blog articles have there been about FCPX over the last week? To be honest with you we are growing a bit tired of them as they tend to go over and over the same material again and again.

This video from MacBreak caught our eye though as it features two guys who aced beta copies of FCPX before it was released and thus should know a lot more than most users. Steve Martin (who had his server hacked for the screengrabs) and Mark Spencer (Motion training DVD's) from Ripple Training talk to the dealer host Alex Lindsay from MacBreak Studio. It's a little long at over two hours and we haven't watched it through as we do with most videos we post, but it is highly likely to feature some good information.

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