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Not many details about this customisable waving flag template from Sight-Creations. Does exactly what it says on the tin, demo video and download link after the break.

This template for Motion 5 can be opened up in Final Cut Pro X.  Download the waving flag template


Butch Mahoney writes:

Where to install the Waving Flag generator Folder:

quit Final Cut Pro X.

go to:

/HomeFolder/Movies/Motion Templates/Generators/

If a folder called SC_Generator already exists, then drop the Waving Flag folder inside SC_Generator, otherwise, create a folder named (preferably) SC_Generator (to keep sight-creations FCPX generators together) or anything you'd like to have appear in the Generators tab of FCPX.

drop in the entire Waving Flag folder.

restart FCPX. Check to make sure the effect is in the Generators library under "SC_Generator".  If not -- select "All" from the top of the categories list. Find Waving Flag in the list. If you have Motion 5, right click and Open in Motion. Save. If prompted, create a Category (SC_Generator or whatever you like -- the name should already be supplied; if not: name it "Waving Flag" without quotes). Switch Back to FCPX. You should find the effect within the category you have now created. (You can go into the ~/Movies/Motion Templates/Generators and remove the files you initially installed IF you have created a new category.

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