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So you've shot your footage on a Canon 5D using the CineStyle picture profile from Technicolor, now you want to edit in FCPX. Do you need a plugin?

We have posted quite a bit of detail about using the Technicolor CineStyle picture profile for Canon DSLR's before. The articles were posted before FCPX was released.

All the solutions to viewing the footage were within FCP7, so what are the options for FCPX?

Pomfort have extended their beta of the DSLR Log2Video FxPlug plugin to include compatibility for FCPX. We're not sure if it works natively in FCPX or whether it's just the plugin in a MOEF wrapper. (Incidentally we are thinking of writing a 'When is a plugin not a plugin' article.)

The good news is that Onjo Films have tried it out for us. The video does have audio but we had to have everything set to 11 to hear it.


A second approach would be to write a Motion effect and use that, in fact we are slightly surprised that somebody hasn't done this simple step already. (Alex???) Lastly it's not inconceivable that Apple decide to build LUT's directly into FCPX when they enable a broadcast output.

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