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Digital Heaven have launched a $49 pack of five transitions for Final Cut Pro X. Lens flares to camera shutters, these effects will liven up your productions.

Hot on the heels of their 70% off sale, Digital Heaven have released a pack of five transitions for FCPX. In their words:

"From lens flares to camera shutters and rolling film, these dynamic transitions will add a splash of energy to any production and prove to be a valuable addition to any editor’s effects toolkit."

These are for FCPX only and will not work in earlier versions of Final Cut Pro.


The classic lens flare transition gets a makeover with controls for changing the color, angle and a little twist!
Remember those old projectors that kept jumping around? DH_FrameRoll brings this retro effect into the 21st century with controls for bumpiness and stretchiness.
Replicates the organic imperfection of light leaking into an old film camera with controls for light direction and extra leakiness.
A snap-happy transition that mimics the lens shutter of a camera. Choose between the classic iris and vertical shutter styles.
A slick whip pan effect adds dynamic movement between two shots with adjustable direction.

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