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Intelligent Assistance have launched their import translator, Project X27. It does exactly what it says on the tin by allowing the conversion of Final Cut Pro X projects into Final Cut Pro 7 sequences.

Philip Hodgetts and his team have been working hard with FCPXML, the new version of an Extensible Markup Language that FCPX supports. They have released Project X27 a $49 translator that takes the FCPXML and converts it into an XML that can be imported into FCP7 and other applications that support that format.

Already working with Final Cut projects:

  • Titles at the start and end;
  • a mixture of primary storyline and connected clips;
  • a mix of active and inactive clips;
  • large numbers of J and L cuts;
  • to-do markers and regular markers;
  • spot audio effects; and
  • cross-dissolve transitions.

All transfer without problem.  Unfinished to-do markers appear as red markers, completed to-do markers as Green markers, and the blue Final Cut Pro X markers as blue markers in Final Cut Pro 7.

There is a published PDF help document which gives a longer list of what does and what doesn't translate from one version to another.

This is great news for people wishing to either colour correct or post produce their sound once editing in FCPX has been completed. It will also avoid some of the lengthy workarounds that we have published recently. Not too sure if handles will be available in audio apps.

Philip also publishes an answer to the question about an FCP7 to FCPX translator:

"Before you start sending emails asking why we didn't do the opposite, since that's what everyone really wants, let me explain.  Back in my initial briefing for Final Cut Pro X, I asked about the transfer and got the distinct impression that someone was already working on it (perhaps even Apple, it was vague). We're a small software developer and can't run the risk of spending considerable development effort to discover that a better funded competitor will come out with a similar product and kill our sales. So we chose to focus on a tool that adds value with less risk of competition."


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