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Another useful plugin from the husband and wife team of Graeme & Wendy Nattress. This $49 plugin makes animating 'video scrapbooks' from still images.

Making a bunch of stills look interesting normally involves a lot of keyframing to get the right movement per image. Wendy Nattress developed the $49 plugin Video Scrapbook as a tool so she could easily put her own digital photos into movies. Wendy told FCP.co:

"Every year I collect my favourite photos and sort them and set them to music. Then I would spend hours key-framing them in FCP7. So this collection was to make my life easier! This pack also contains some updated filters from Big Box of Tricks and Film Effects which are only available for FCP7. We had some requests to update our Vignette filter for FCPX. I use Vignette (from Film Effects) to create focus in an image, for example to pick out my child from a class photo. Lens Flare Wipe Transition, Directional Blur Dissolve and Glow Dissolve are updates of transitions from Big Box of Tricks--again favourites that I would use in my digital photo collections."

Many thanks to Wendy for sending us the information, it looks a fast and creative way to add some life into stills. The plugin uses the effects management software FxFactory from Noise Industries which is a free download. The plugin will also work in Motion 3 to 5 and Adobe After Effects. Wendy has produced a PDF instruction manual for Video Scrapbook which details the many different parameters of the plugin.

"This package of plugins enables you to quickly create dynamic video scrapbooks from still images. There are five fun transitions, from subtle and evocative dissolves to eye-catching lens flare wipes. Create backgrounds for portraits and odd sized photos. Add gentle zooms and rotations to give your still photos life, without the bother of keyframes. Whether you are setting your family photos to your favourite music, building a corporate catalogue, or creating any photo montage on video, Nattress Video Scrapbook will save you time and breath life into your photos."

Package consists of:

Directional Blur Transition
Glow Dissolve Transition
Lens Flare Wipe Transition
Picture Wipe Transition
Squeeze Blur Transition
Star Dissolve Transition
Keep It Moving Filter
Vignette Focus Filter
Background Builder Generator

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