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newblue flash remover

***Updated with FCPX news***

A plugin that will appeal to event videographers, Flash Remover Pro will repair those annoying half frame flashes that can mar a special moment.

We all think that DSLRs have changed the way that people shoot events. The quality they produce and the small form factor make them ideal for covering occasions such as weddings.

Everything looks great until the event photographer starts snapping away and camera flashes appear as bleached out half frames on the video. With old video cameras this wasn't a problem, but the rolling shutter of DSLRs create that ugly split frame look.

NewBlueFX's Flash Remover Pro will fix footage that suffers from camera flash artifacts. Priced at $99 it just might rescue a shot that was ruined by over-eager relatives wanting their own snap of the action.

“We’ve developed a solid algorithm that captures the essence of flash, and then removes it so you get a clean reel, every time.” said NewBlue CEO Todor Fay. “Flash Remover Pro is a really useful tool and is a critical part of our larger mission to support an ever-advancing community of editors.”

Sounds fantastic and the custom coded plugin works on a variety of platforms including Premiere, Media Composer, Vegas Pro, Edius and Final Cut Pro 7, but sadly no support for FCPX. We don't know if this is a limitation of X or if NewblueFX just haven't yet identified FCPX users as the biggest group of potential customers out there.

UPDATE NewBlueFx have emailed us to say that the plugin will work with Final Cut Pro X, the website details were wrong. Good news all round.

Whilst we have a whinge, they should have also included the video link in the press release, luckilly we found it elsewhere. We have to admit though it does seem to do a rather excellent job.


 Features include:

  • Flash Removal—Works effectively on video camera footage as well as the unique challenges of Digital SLR camera CMOS sensors.
  • Sensitivity—Determines how bright a difference in a video frame needs to be before it is designated as a "flash".
  • Max Frames—Defines a threshold of how many sequential frames may be compensated for if flash is detected.

As always, please let us know in the comments if you've tried this plugin out!


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