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October FCPX plugin roundup 2

When we wrote the previous plugin roundup, we didn't expect to be writing another so soon! Three more plugins from different people including a free pack of 24 customised Apple templates.

Even we have trouble keeping up with the pace of products for Final Cut Pro X. Please keep all the press releases and emails coming as it helps us a lot with getting the news out there to readers.

So another week and three more products for you.

Up to bat first is Advanced Masking Tools 2 from FCPeffects. Priced at $39 this pack of plugins is an update to the original pack and provides a range of shapes that will mask video in FCPX. 

  • More intuitive controls
  • Easier to position points
  • Easier to keyframe
  • Easier to preform common tasks (i.e. blurring background)
  • More options: includes 4, 8, 12, 16, & 20 point masks
  • Preset shapes: each mask has 4 preset shapes



Next is a plugin pack from Pixel Film Studios called PROSHIVER, a set of effects that do a good job of putting glitches or errors into your footage. The pack of over 60 plugins is currently reduced from $49.99 to $29.95. 



And finally we received an email from Dylan Higginbotham asking us to put up a link to his set of Apple compositions that have been converted to work as title templates in FCPX. As his website describes, he has put 37 hours into converting and testing them and has also added controls to allow the editor to adjust colours of the template elements within FCPX.

All 24 are free to download, so a huge thanks to Dylan for putting the work in converting and publishing them.


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