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mglitch FCPX

A new plugin from MotionVFX that adds custom distortion effects to video and graphics. Shakes, prisms, blurs, distorts, flickers, grain and pixelation all for just $49.

Hot of the heels of Pixel Film Studio's Proshiver, MotionVFX have today launched a new $49 plugin called mGlitch. Somebody on our Forum remarked that glitches or distortion effects just might knock film burns and light leaks off the top spot of used effects in 2013!

Back to mGlitch and it looks like a very comprehensive plugin for adding a bit of chaos to footage or graphics. Designed only for Final Cut Pro X and Motion, this is one plugin in the effects browser that has many presets that can be applied with a click or used as a starting point for experimentation.

Not much text on the website page but there are 3 videos including a tutorial that shows what damage mGlitch can do!

Let's start off with MotionVFX's Szymon getting the full mGlitch treatment.


MotionVFX have produced this free Motion project that uses mGlitch.


And finally a 20 minute demo video showing mGlitch in use.


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