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airglove fcpx

Forget clunky keyboards, forget jogwheels and forget vaporware iPad apps on Kickstarter, what we all want to do is control FCPX like Tom Cruise. Could this Glove Mouse be there already?

Considering the hits this site got and the blatant ripping off by other websites of our previous Minority Report article, we're sure this is going to be of interest.

We came across a few videos of the Thanko 'Mouse Gesture Glove' and our minds instantly thought 'Would we be able to use the glove to control Final Cut Pro X?'

The good news is that this is no unreleased product, it is on sale now in Japan for 4980 Yen which is approximately sixty US Dollars. The bad news is that at the moment it's only available in Japan.

The glove works over WiFi and has right and left clicks built onto the fingers. It will work with Windows XP upwards, Android OS and thankfully Mac OSX 10.5 upwards. Our Google equipped translation tools gave up after that.

Will it be any good in controlling an NLE such as FCPX? Take a look at the demo videos. 


Look promising?



There are easier ways to avoid carpel tunnel and there are many 'air mice' out there that would do a similar job, but this glove does look like a possible 'touchless' way of controlling a computer. 

The FCPX GUI wasn't designed for input by waving your hand so we would be very interested to hear from anybody who has tried this or a similar product out. 

It just might work.


airglove fcpx 2



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