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We can only guess at the success of FCPX as we don't have any statistics on the number of copies that Apple has sold. Judging by the number of free tutorials posted online however, there's a rapidly growing user base out there.

There are about three or four popular companies out there that offer online training courses for Final Cut Pro X. But what about the free tutorials that get posted online?

It's been a while since we did an online tutorial roundup and we were pleasantly surprised at the number of them out there. Many more are being published compared to the last time we did a trawl.

FCPX free tutorial regular Dan Allen has published a guide on how import Motion generators. He uses a lens flare generator as an example.


Chris Fenwick always likes to take FCPX to a new level. In this new tutorial he adds a compound clip into a multicam clip. Why would you want to do this you might ask? Chris shows us how he built a quick 'two box' new clip from the other two separate angles. Very cool and yes, mind blown as it opens up a whole new range of possibilities for multicam editing. 


If you've never organised and edited a multicam project in FCPX, no problem as Chip Dizard from Web Video Chefs has a ten minute introduction to get you switching angles in no time.


Capital Community Television in Salem offer courses on video production. They have also produced a nine part online introduction which is aimed at the first timer to FCPX. A great playlist to point people to who have never edited before. 

We have embedded the whole nine episodes as a playlist.


Larry J gets in on the act with a nine minute free extract from one of his courses. It's basic, but he does his stuff providing a run through of working with keywords in FCPX.


It looks like Robin S. Kurz is one half of a German answer to MacBreak Studio! In this QuickTipp the guys look at importing Red media. Worth a bookmark for our German readers if they produce these on a regular basis.


Next is a series of FCPX tutorials from Jon Ruffidge. The videos are scattered about on his YouTube channel, we picked this one called 'Editing Title Templates.' 


And finally, Drew Taylor has embarked on producing regular YouTube videos in a series called 'Essentials of Digital Media.' He's picked FCPX as his weapon of choice for cutting and starts right from the very basics in episode 4. Click through to his YouTube channel if you want to watch more of his relaxed style of tutorial. 


Phew! That's about it, all these tutorial videos (or the latest episodes) were published in October. We will let you come to your own conclusions about the health of Final Cut Pro X, for us it is definitely alive and kicking.

A big thank you to all the tutorial producers, keep up the good work!