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Another week of hitting the update button without joy means we have room for another MacBreak Studio. This time it's back to FCPX and we explore how to use shape masks.

We are the software equivalent of the husband of an expectant wife in hospital. Instead of pacing up and down in the corridor waiting for the sound of the first cry, we are clicking the update button on the App Store every minute.

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Whilst we are waiting, we can get up to speed on shape masks within Final Cut Pro X thanks to this latest episode of MacBreak Studio. 

This time Steve Martin is in the instructor position showing Mark Spencer how to set, adjust and keyframe shape masks within FCPX to limit colour corrections. He uses a combination of the on-screen controls and parameters in the inspector.

Great tips from Steve, if you would like to know more, Ripple Training have an excellent range of FCPX tutorials from beginner to advanced on their website.





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